Our History…

How Bob and Jay came to be!

Bob and Jay began their joint hunting experiences when Jay, the owner of Buffalo Mountain Ranch in Texas, reached out to Bob, owner of BowhuntingInfo.com from Michigan for help with a rogue Bison Bull on his ranch.  Bob was able to help with a crazy hunter willing to get close enough to shoot that bull with a stick and a string.


After that auspicious meeting Bob and Jay hit it right off.  Jay, not really knowing Bob, made the mistake of inviting Bob on an Elk hunt which took Bob probably all of three seconds to accept.  Jay hasn’t yet figured out how to dis-invite Bob, so he is forced to endure nearly endless days each year in Bob’s presence.  About the only redeeming factor about Bob was that he introduced Jay to Pat McManus’s stories.


At the end of each fruitless day of elk hunting Bob and Jay would take turns reading those stories to each other and raising their spirits upon finding out there were worse hunters than themselves.  When they had exhausted all of the McManus books, Jay chortled that, “Hey, some of the things you do while we are hunting are nearly as funny as those stories.  Maybe I should chronicle your escapades.”

Well, the rest is history, as they say.  Jay and Bob have written over 27 short stories about some of their escapades.  These encompass trips into the wilds of northern Canada, the mountains of the great Rocky Mountains, and into the cactus strewn land of Texas.


Bob and Jay say that the things they write about could not be made up – they just happen.  And every hunter has had experiences that might seem a bit familiar.  So step on in, take a gander at one of our stories and let us know what you think.


Watch for our upcoming first book of short stories, The Proper Care and Feeding of a Huntin’ Buddy.

Our Stories…

Here is a selection of some of our escapades.  You can read Bear Bait here for free!

3 Things That Go Grrr in the Night

…It was at that precise time that I heard it. I don’t know precisely how to describe what I heard. But I can only relate it to other things, because I have never heard that sound before. It [...]

2 Camp Nutrition

…It seemed that we weren’t the only things who were hungry. Even the fish we caught had empty stomachs. As I cleaned the few fish we caught, flies descended upon the fish carcasses with a [...]

1 Bear-Initiated Spontaneous Science

…Much science springs from necessity, they say. Bob’s whole-body-jerk progressed immediately into a series of rapid movements of pretty much every part of his body, which initially seemed [...]

4 The Log Ride

…Each year, Bob and I have devised several methods by which we determined which one of us would be able to hunt from “the point”. Each year that method would change. The first year, we just [...]

What our readers are saying…

  • This is fantastic. I love the humor and your personality shows through. Even though I know close to nothing, no - make that nothing about hunting, I enjoyed reading the story. Let me know when your book comes out. I'll get myself a copy.

    Raj R
  • LOVE it!!! I was worried for the first several pages but boy was it worth sticking with it -- absolutely hilarious! I assume this is going to be part of a collection of short stories? Keep with it!

    Shelley V.
  • I did think it was funny and I smiled reading it. I did laugh out loud, especially the description of Jay as some sort of monster (with the black circles around his mouth etc.).

  • Good story!  David wanted to know if the bait was successful-lol!

    Darla N.

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