Bob and Jay surprised by a Bear

“B-b-b … b … b-b”
Illustrated by Rachael Albanito

You will have to laugh at this funny hunting story, well, okay a funny fishing story!  Bob and Jay are in the mountains of Colorado trying to coax a couple of fat trout to the net.  The scenery is unbelievable, and the way in to that secret spot is not easy.  But the payoff is worth the effort!

This story starts off with a very pleasant description of the means to get to that secret spot.  Told from Jay’s perspective the narrative will have you totally relaxed from your every day stresses.  And then it happens.  You will have read the story to experience the laughter, but oh, boy, will you ever laugh!

Here is a snippet of the story to whet your appetite:  “I would have thought that the sound my eyes made when slamming hard into the fully-open position might have caught his attention. Or maybe the stammered word “B-b-b … b … b-b” just doesn’t penetrate the sounds of rustling leaves and churning water all that well. Either way, I just couldn’t seem to find a way to catch Bob’s attention with any sound that this bear couldn’t hear much, much better.

You can read the entire story and five other funny hunting stories when you purchase The Proper Care and Feeding of a Huntin’ Buddy, from Amazon here, or any other major book store.  The book can be purchased in hardcover, paperback or digital.

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