"Where's the food?"

“Um… What are we going to eat this week?”
Illustration by Rachael Albanito

Camp Nutrition in a fly-in camp somewhere in the middle of Ontario, Canada is a subject one should not take lightly.  Huntin’ Buddy, Bob, recounts one fly-in bear hunt, where his huntin’ buddy, Jay the cook, in his food planning for the trip, shaved the food supply to the very narrowest of margins.  You might guess the outcome, but you will be laughing at this funny hunting story.

Bob and Jay, both private pilots, are ever aware of the weight load of a plane.  Balancing the nutritional needs for a week long hunt in northern Canada against the weight of that food supply and its effect on the performance of the plane that will carry them, was worth of serious consideration.  Jay however, expanded that consideration to chronic – at least according to Bob!

You will laugh at their fishing failures and attempts to stretch their meager rations until the plane can pick them up.  Here is a brief snippet of this Huntin Buddy story:

“Jay had lost his balance posing for a picture and made the unfortunate choice to grab for the gunwale, thus releasing a secure grasp on the fish. Still, he did try to recover from his faux pas. I recall that he was screaming something about not letting it get away, but the end of the sentence was terribly garbled. That was the case because Jay was already waist-deep in the water … in an inverted position.”

You will need get the book to fully appreciate the pickle that Bob and Jay get them selves into.  Buy The Proper Care and Feeding of a Huntin’ Buddy at Amazon or any other major book seller.

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