Bob Baldwinco-author

Bob Baldwin, an avid bow hunter since age twelve, founded in 1998 which was one of the earliest dedicated archery websites on the internet.  Jay Ledbetter first contacted Bob through that website, and Bob and Jay soon became the best of “huntin’ buddies”.

Bob and Jay have hunted together the last two decades, from Colorado to Michigan, and from the upper latitudes of Canada to Texas.  It seems that during every hunting trip, something happens that leads to a story or two, and the occasional emergency-room visit.

The Bob ‘n Jay stories of hunting and fishing adventures began with Bob’s love of telling humorous stories around hunting camp.  Bob, never the one to embellish, would always tell the stories with fastidious adherence to accuracy, but it seems Jay would always retell them with a few of what Jay would always protest to be minor “adjustments”.

Bob promises, “There is kernel of truth to all our stories.  Some of the things that happen when hunting with good buddies just can’t be made up, but any embellishments are solely the responsibility of Jay.”

Bob lives with his bride of forty-seven years in the state of Michigan.  Jay lives in Colorado.  Many in the hunting community know well the constant flood of misadventures which plague Jay during his hunt.  Predictably, these sad incidents invariably disrupt the peaceful and fulfilling hunts that Bob otherwise enjoys.  Observers agree with Bob that it is wise for him to maintain a wide geographical separation from Jay for the majority of the year.

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