Jay Ledbetter

    Jay Ledbetter began bow hunting as a young boy of only ten, stalking across the prairie outside his little town in New Mexico.  Jay used his cheap fiberglass recurve bow to propel heavy wooden arrows at speeds best measured with a calendar, toward any jack rabbit foolish enough to be within sight.  No rabbits were harmed at any time, mind you, but many were mightily entertained by the aerial display.

    Jay served his country in the Army (Infantry and SF), and deployed a number of times overseas.  Jay is fond of saying, “Only the Army can really mess-up a camping trip!”  Once Jay finished his time in the Army, he was able to dedicate more of his time to his love of hunting and fishing.  And that’s how he encountered Bob.

    Bob helped Jay arrange for a television celebrity to hunt a rogue bison bull running wild on Jay’s land, who was in danger of causing much damage, if not loss of life.  The bison bull was also quite dangerous.  From that time until today, Jay has identified Bob as his “huntin’ buddy”, and has been trying to get Bob to hunt with him every year for decades.  As Bob’s memory of the last preceding hunt with Jay begins to fade, Bob relents, and he and Jay head out once again to the woods.

    Jay’s succession of pratfalls and other hunting calamities has provided Bob with an endless series of true stories to tell, which have become the genesis of the Bob ‘n Jay adventure series of books.  So, as Bob admits, the hunting trips with Jay haven’t been a total loss.

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