GRRR...bear hunting at the end of shooting light

Illustration by Rachael Albanito

“Slippery Rocks” was the name of the bear hunting stand, and it was on this stand that Jay’s hilarious hunting story starts.  Bob and Jay were hunting bear in a fly in camp in northern Canada.  You don’t want to miss this funny hunting story told from both Bob and Jay’s perspective, although Jay’s part seems to get a bit shaky toward the … ah … termination of his part!

Hunting bear with a stick and a string is a thing that only real men, and real women do.  These hunters are fearless hunters, stalking some of the biggest predators in North America. However, the combination of a big bear and the loss of shooting light can turn even the most secure archer’s courage into nervous tremors.  Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and Jay was experiencing a serious necessity!

Here is a bit of a teaser from Jay’s perspective to whet your appetite: …It was at that precise time that I heard it. I don’t know precisely how to describe what I heard. But I can only relate it to other things, because I have never heard that sound before. It was a combination of a low “huff” and the piercing sound I expect a Velociraptor might make, just before it charged…

You will need to get your own copy of The Proper Care and Feeding of a Huntin’ Buddy to get the full effect of this funny hunting story from Bob and Jay’s adventure and how Jay extricated himself from the Slippery Rocks stand.  To see what the book is about and what other stories are included in the book click here.  You can get a copy from any major book store, or at Amazon Here.  You can keep up to our antics on a daily basis by visiting and liking our Facebook page,

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