Goose Dead or Alive

One good thing about being wintered-up in Michigan, as feet of snow fall outside my window, is I have plenty of leisure time to do what I like to do best this time of year… and that is to plan [...]

4 The Log Ride

…Each year, Bob and I have devised several methods by which we determined which one of us would be able to hunt from “the point”. Each year that method would change. The first year, we just [...]

3 Things That Go Grrr in the Night

…It was at that precise time that I heard it. I don’t know precisely how to describe what I heard. But I can only relate it to other things, because I have never heard that sound before. It [...]

2 Camp Nutrition

…It seemed that we weren’t the only things who were hungry. Even the fish we caught had empty stomachs. As I cleaned the few fish we caught, flies descended upon the fish carcasses with a [...]

1 Bear-Initiated Spontaneous Science

…Much science springs from necessity, they say. Bob’s whole-body-jerk progressed immediately into a series of rapid movements of pretty much every part of his body, which initially seemed [...]